The Big Sky Food Network

About half of our food is donated by individuals and businesses right here in Big Sky!

We would love to take the unopened food that you may have left over from your vacation, or the extras you purchased and just can’t get through.  In addition to donating groceries, you can also give $ to our Produce Voucher Program at the Country Market and to our shopping account at the Hungry Moose. You can contribute by speaking with one of the managers or calling the food bank. We always encourage community members to create their own food drive events!

Donation Guidelines

  • Canned Goods: Accepting items unopened, within two years of expiration.
  • Dry Goods: Accepting items unopened, within two months of expiration.
  • Frozen**: Accepting frozen fruits & veggies, frozen meals, meats and game if processed at a certified processor.
  • Produce**: Accepting produce, eggs, butter, cheese, deli meat – must be within its sell-by date. Accepting milk up to 7 days past MT sell-by date, if unopened and kept temperature controlled. For more info about milk expiration, check out the two podcasts below.

**If you’d like to donate cold or frozen items, you may bring them straight to the food bank or to the Country Market to be held in cold storage.**

RESTAURANTS/CATERERS: we can accept your surplus prepared items! Food items must have been temp-controlled and have not been put out for service.  We prefer meals to be single-serve packaged and frozen. Please call the food bank for more info about food recovery from your event. Single-serve packaging available.



Little Free Pantry

Food Bank Wish List

Deli items (sandwiches, salads, single-serve meals), Produce (fruit and veggies), Cheese, Meat and Eggs, Cleaning supplies (detergent, bleach, papertowels), Juice, Toiletries (deodorant and toothpaste), Tortillas/Shells & Salsa, Lunch meat, butter, frozen meals, ramen, condiments and spices, crackers/chips, jerky/trail mix, coffee, pasta sauce

Explore all of our food donation drop off points with this interactive map.

Click on a pin to see more information about the location.

Drop Off Locations

  • The Country Market
  • The Post Office
  • Big Sky Chapel
  • Big Sky Community Library
  • Roxy’s Market
  • Visit Big Sky
  • Big Sky Community Food Bank
  • Moonlight Lodge
  • Yellowstone Club Mailroom
  • Big Sky Vacation Rentals/Natural Retreats

Little Free Pantry Locations

  • First Security Bank (Town Center)
  • Milkies Pizza & Pub (Back Entrance)

Look for our cash donation boxes located at several businesses around Big Sky!

Curious about shelf-life verbiage on food packaging?

These podcasts will change your mind about sell-by dates 


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