We are fortunate in Big Sky to be supported by a network of services that have been working together for years. By working collaboratively, non-profit organizations support our community in rich and meaningful ways, providing wrap-around services so that no one is left behind. Please call us to talk about your specific circumstance and we will work to connect you with appropriate help.

Social Support Resources

Big Sky Thrift 

Big Sky Thrift promotes philanthropy and volunteerism through the operation of a volunteer-run thrift store that sells donated goods and grants revenue back into the community to local not-for-profit organizations. Big Sky Thrift also provides an affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly shopping option to the Big Sky community.

Social Impact Hub

A community co-working space for non-profits in Big Sky. Located adjacent to Big Sky Thrift.

Big Sky Behavioral Health Coalition

The Big Sky Behavioral Health Coalition (BSBHC)  is a collaborative approach to developing our continuum of care for meantal and behavoral health in Big Sky. Partners include Big Sky Community Organization (BSCO), Human Resources Development Council / Big Sky Community Food Bank (HRDC), Wellness in Action (WIA), Bozeman Health, and BeWell Big Sky Current projects include developing the Peer Support Addiction Specialist role in Big Sky, and well as developing Big Sky’s Wellness Ambassador Navigator Network.

Be Well Big Sky

A community wellness initiative directed by Big Sky’s Wellness Ambassadors and the Navigator Network.


Belonging in Big Sky

A Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Initiative for Big Sky, Montana. Belonging in Big Sky is community-wide initiative supporting the diverse communities that live and work in Big Sky through funding, community education, and events.  Our mission is to create a sense of belonging so that, whether here for a day or a lifetime, everyone in our community feels welcomed, valued, respected, and safe.

Transportation and Sustainability Resources

Skyline Bus

Skyline Bus offers free service throughout Big Sky and fee-based between Big Sky and Bozeman to fulfill everyone’s transportation needs. Economical, efficient, and eco-friendly!

Sustainability Network Organization

Big Sky SNO works on identifying sustainability issues in several key components of every day life in Big Sky, looking for solutions to both big and small challenges that we face as a dynamic growing community. 

Our team explores solutions for everything ranging from waste reduction and recycling, to community education, carbon emissions, environmental resource protections, transportation, energy consumption, tourism and more.  

Go Gallatin

Rethinking Transportation

Explore your transportation options with the GoGallatin trip planner. Find the best routes for walking or biking, view Streamline & Skyline routes and schedules, and find carpool partners to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and get moving during your commute. Get started here to discover all the ways you can get to where you need to go!

Home of the Big Sky One Less Car program and Ride Together, Shred Forever – Big Sky Resort & GoGallatin Season Long Carpool Challenge.

Community Development Resources

Big Sky Resort Area District

In 1992, the general electorate of the Big Sky Resort Area voted to adopt a Resort Tax to be charged on “luxury” goods and services not deemed “necessities of life.” In 1998, the general electorate of the Big Sky Resort Area voted to create a District for local administration of the Resort Tax. Resort Tax is collected and remitted by local businesses operating within the District. 

Today’s BSRAD grants millions of dollars each year to support Big Sky’s critical infrastructure, public safety and 30+ non-profit organizations.

Coordinating Council of Big Sky

Elevate Big Sky

Big Sky Chamber

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