Grow a Row

Fresh produce is an essential component of a healthy diet, but is not always accessable to someone on a tight budget. Grow A Row is an excellent opportunity to bridge community, build relationships, and provide low income people with access to fresh, local produce. With the start of the growing season, we’re looking for gardeners to donate some of their garden produce to the Food Bank. By signing up for the Grow a Row project, your effort ensures that the underserved in our community has access to high quality, fresh produce.

How Do I Participate?

Plan to grow an extra row or two, determine a percentage of your garden produce to donate, or donate the excess of what you’re already growing. We happily accept the donation of any fruits, vegetables or fresh herbs. Please download and return the Grow a Row Participant Enrollment Form.


We will always be available for questions and support materials will be available on our website (coming soon Garden Resource Page). You will receive a Grow A Row Participant sign for your garden as well as receipts for tax deductions (upon request).

Produce Preparation and Distribution

Please wash or rinse any excessive dirt from the produce.


Our warehouse is open from 8-5 pm Monday thru Friday. Donations can be accepted anytime during those hours. There is no need to call ahead.

For more information contact us!

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