Male health after 50 years of potency and other features


Male health after 50 years of potency and other features Aesthetic Science

Men’s health after 50 years: potency and other features

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High levels of cholesterol in peripheral blood injure vascular intima and leads to an imbalance between low and high density lipoproteins. As a result, cholesterol gradually forms in the endothelium of the artery, forming a plaque covered with fibrous tissue. The bulging on the inner wall of the vessel creates in this place a turbulent flow of blood, which provokes the formation of blood clots and ulcers on the plaque, which can later come off and cause life-threatening complications.

The vessels of the penis also become rough, blood circulation deteriorates, problems with potency arise.

The same changes occur with the arteries of the penis, with the result that they become rough, narrowed and covered with small atherosclerotic plaques. Accordingly, the blood content of the cavernous bodies deteriorates significantly, creating great difficulties with erection.

Type 2 diabetes

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In most cases, diabetes mellitus of the second type (insulin-dependent) is the lot of the elderly or obese people. Therefore, it is so common in men over 50 years old and having problems with overweight.

High levels of glucose in the peripheral blood inhibit immune function, disrupt the functioning of many organs, aggravate other background pathologies, if any, and also damage the internal vascular wall, triggering glycosylation processes.

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The combination of problems with diabetes affects the reproductive system

Male health after 50 years of potency and other features Aesthetic Science Institute

In most cases, diabetes of the second type is usually considered as part of the metabolic syndrome, when there is impaired glucose tolerance, arterial hypertension, elevated levels of cholesterol in peripheral blood and manifestations of central obesity. The combination of such symptoms significantly impairs the functioning of the male reproductive system due to vascular lesion and impaired neuroendocrine regulation.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is one of the causes of reduced potency.

Psychological impotence is a fairly common cause of the failure of sexual life in men who have crossed the threshold of middle age. Frequent stressful situations in the family or emotional stress at work, fear of the coming retirement age – adversely affect the mental and somatic health of a man.

In addition to the lack of sexual desire at the psychological level, stressful situations are accompanied by a massive release of catecholamines in the blood (norepinephrine and adrenaline), which cause a strong narrowing of large and small vessels, including in the male sexual organ.

Normalization of relationships at work and at home, the search for an interesting hobby will help improve the psycho-emotional state of a man and his sex life.

Prostatitis and STDs

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Lack of proper knowledge or simply unwillingness to use contraception, leading a promiscuous sex life does not rarely lead to the appearance of sexually transmitted diseases that have a tendency to latent course. Most men ignore occasional itching, discharge, erection problems and rarely seek medical help. Meanwhile, progressive inflammation affects the urinary tract and spreads higher to the prostate gland.

Men over 50 should undergo an annual examination of the urologist

A healthy prostate is the key to a long and good sex life. However buy viagra online cheap, physiological changes in the body, as well as long-term untreated inflammation, lead to dysfunction of the prostate gland and, accordingly, to erectile dysfunction.

Male health after 50 years of potency and other features cases diabetes

Therefore, it is important for every man to use contraception, if necessary, consult a doctor promptly for help, and after reaching the age of 45 it is mandatory to undergo an annual routine checkup, including palpation of the prostate and blood tests to the level of prostate-specific hormone.

Bad habits

Long and malignant smoking, frequent use of alcoholic beverages impairs the nervous system, heart, liver, leads to atherosclerotic vascular lesion and increases the risk of cancer (for men it is lung cancer, prostate cancer and stomach).

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Nicotine gums and ethanol are a kind of slow-acting poison for the human body that triggers irreversible processes. It is proved that smokers and drinkers of men have problems not only with the cardiovascular system, but also with potency.

Useful tips

Prevention or timely treatment of the disease greatly improves the prognosis and minimizes the development of complications. Thus, men over 50 are recommended:

Alcohol and smoking adversely affect the potency

Stop smoking and frequent drinking.

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Modify your lifestyle, namely, add to the daily routine dosed exercise, normalize and diversify the diet, eliminating from it fatty, spicy, smoked and flour.

Find an interesting and exciting hobby.

Regularly undergo all necessary preventive medical examinations and, in the presence of chronic pathology, take the prescribed therapy.

After consulting a doctor, begin prevention of vascular pathology. It is proved that the course regular use of such drugs and dietary supplements such as omega-3-saturated acids, vitamin E, fish oil improves heart function and protects the blood vessels, strengthening their wall.